1. WHAT CAN YOUR ORGANIZATION DO FOR ME?  We may be able to save your house from going into foreclosure by negotiating with the mortgage holder to accept less than what is owed as payment in full (a.k.a. Short-Sale or Short Pay) and thus may be able to purchase the property. This may prevent the property from being sold at the court steps and will therefore reduce the damage done to your credit rating. 2. WHAT IS A SHORT-SALE? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?
 A short-sale is what happens when your lender agrees to accept a lower amount as payoff instead of the amount currently owed to them. It may take several weeks or more likely several months to get a short sale approved.
3. DOES A SHORT SALE SHOW ON MY CREDIT?  The short-sale will show on your credit as a settlement or something similar to it. This is preferable to a foreclosure. 4. WILL YOU STOP FORECLOSURE? CAN YOU GUARANTEE THE OUTCOME?  Our goal is to stop the foreclosure process and to purchase your property. However, we will NOT and can NOT guarantee the outcome. We do hope to complete this transaction or close on your property before the foreclosure auction or Trustee's Sale. 5. WHAT IF YOU ARE UNSUCCESSFUL IN GETTING THE BANK TO COOPERATE?  If we are not able to get your lender to realize the advantages that the Short-Sale brings to them, then we will not be able to purchase your house and the foreclosure process will continue and the property will go into foreclosure. 6. DO YOU PROFIT IN ANY WAY IF THE SHORT-SALE PROCESS IS UNSUCCESSFUL?  NO! We realize absolutely no financial or any other gain and all of our time invested and our resources allocated will be lost. We strive with all of our efforts for the most positive result! We are on your team! 7. WHAT IS THE COST OF YOUR SERVICE?


 There is no cost to you! We profit from the transaction only if we are successful. 8. WILL I GET ANY MONEY IF THE BANK AGREES TO SHORT-SALE? The bank will not allow that to happen. Remember, they are losing money by accepting the lower payoff. 9. WILL I STILL OWE ANY MONEY IF THE BANK AGREES TO A SHORT-SALE? The lender may require you as the original mortgagor to pay the difference if what was remaining is owed as a deficiency. We don't know if your lender will require you to pay the deficiency balance. You should contact your lender directly or your attorney to determine whether the deficiency balance will be required on the remaining unpaid balance. As a practical matter, lenders do not generally pursue a deficiency unless you owe significant assets. You will need to check with your state's laws on this. 10. ARE THERE ANY TAX CONSEQUENCES FOR ME? Sometimes a "forgiveness of debt" can be classified as ''income" to you. However, it depends on the lender and your particular situation. Please consult your tax advisor.


If you are behind on payments on your home you are NOT alone! Due to recent increases in foreclosures, many homeowners are facing losing their home, equity and damage to their credit for at least seven years! If you want to avoid the embarrassment and dire consequences, you need to understand the options. Sunwestern Funding Company, LLC offers help on how to stop foreclosure in the pre-foreclosure stage, prevent the loss of your home and the loss of your credit for seven years!